Internet Fridge

    Internet Fridge

    And you thought fridges just kept things cool...

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      With the possible exception of style-mongers Smeg, fridges are just somewhere to put your food and booze to keep it at premium operating temperature. Essential items, but ultimately just another kitchen-based white elephant.

      Enter the Internet Fridge: the very pinnacle of fridge technology, with enough gadgetry stuffed inside to make Kit look like a Hillman Imp. Not only does the Internet Fridge keep your comestibles in order, it also allows you to connect straight to the Internet, thanks to its built-in 56k Modem. As if that wasnÂ’t enough to keep you firmly ensconced in the kitchen, the 'net Fridge also shoehorns in a TV tuner, so you can catch up on Neighbours on the door-mounted 15-inch LCD, while you search for the last remnants of the weekly shop.

      Internet Fridge Then, of course, thereÂ’s the built-in FM radio and a digital still camera that can also record video clips with audio, so you can leave your housemates messages containing barely concealed malice and simultaneously make troublesome fridge magnets a thing of the past. What else? Ahh yes, you can download music from the Internet and play it back on the built-in MP3 player, while receiving your emails. Smart.

      Internet FridgeNot to mention the fact that the fridge is also a fully functioning 506-litre affair, with a 310-litre freezer and comes finished in a resplendent Titanium hue. And the fact that should it go wrong it can call the repairman itself and arrange a convenient time for him to pop in for a coffee. What will they think of next? The Internet microwave? Oh, they already have...

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