Interactive Tanks VSX Combo
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Interactive Tanks VSX Combo


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    Racing RC cars is fun, but nothing lays waste to the competition like Interactive Tanks VSX Combo. Take control of one of these diddy war machines and open fire at your opponent’s tank. Complete with a realistic recoil action, your tank will actually fire a tiny infra red beam. If it strikes your opponent it’ll send their tank into an uncontrollable spin. Land four direct hits and it’ll be disabled for good!

    Remote control Firing at the other tank close up the sandbag wall and barrel

    Remote Control

    Fire an infra red beam to force the other tank into a spin!

    Use extra props as cover

    But take care; each of these tanks can dish out the blows. Use the supplied oil barrel, sandbag walls and dragon’s teeth (or whatever you can find lying around) as cover to outmanoeuvre and outgun each other. It’s perfect for declaring war across the dinner table or settling disputes in the office.

    Contents (L-R): Paper battlefield, 2x tanks, instructions, sandbag walls, road obstacle,
    dragon teeth set, remote controls

    Possible sets of tanks

    You will receive one of two sets, which will contain either (L-R):
    Soviet T34/85 Vs German Tiger I or US M4 Sherman Vs Type 97 Chi-ha

    More detail and specification