Interactive Moshi Monsters
  • Interactive Moshi Monsters

Interactive Moshi Monsters

Get practicing your Poppetanium

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    Speaking to Katsuma

    Talk to Katsuma

    Fresh with all the hot gossip from Monstro City, Interactive Moshi Monsters just want to talk! Say hello, speak their name, or ask them questions and these super-soft Katsuma and Poppet plushes will happily reply in their own Moshi Monster language.

    Not fluent in Poppetanium or Katsumanese? Then why not take a break from their chirpy banter and tickle them on the tummy instead? They’ll respond in the international language of giggles. Ah, now THAT we understand...

    Cuddling Poppet

    Cuddling Poppet

    But these charming little critters have another handy feature. Set them to Room Guard feature and they’ll start nattering as soon as someone steps into your bedroom. Perfect for keeping nosey brothers and sisters out and scaring off the monster in the wardrobe.

    If you’ve never seen Moshi Monsters before, head over to and witness the latest online craze for 6-12 year olds. Chances are if you have one in the house, they’ll already know about Poppet, Katsuma and their friends. So grab one of these charming little chatterboxes and get your own little monster spouting happy, giggly (and grateful) nonsense.

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