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Instant Regret Hot Sauce
  • Instant Regret Hot Sauce

Instant Regret Hot Sauce

Treat your meat to some serious heat

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    Our campaign to add copious quantities of chilli to everything continues, as we give the humble hot sauce the Instant Regret treatment.

    We’ve extracted all the capsaicin goodness from the King Naga chilli, mixed in a little Birds Eye Chilli to keep it company, and even added some Chipotle flavour for that authentic BBQ tang.

    Made using extract measuring an eye-watering 12 million SHU on the Scoville scale, this is for people with truly tough taste buds. Treat your meat to some serious heat, with the tasty, yet terrifying Instant Regret Hot Sauce.

    Seriously, it’s monstrously hot. We almost feel bad for the wings, ribs and steaks that are going to be subjected to it.
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