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Instant Music Vinyl and Cassette Ripper

      Instant Music Vinyl and Cassette Ripper

      From tape and LP to WAV and WMA

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        ADS Instant Music Ripper

        Fits neatly on your desk

        Nostalgic musings aside, records and cassettes were a bit rubbish. All that scratched vinyl and tangled tape was enough to drive you digital. And it did. So much so, both formats are now virtually obsolete. And that means anyone whoÂ’s old enough to remember the difference between an EP and a C90 has probably got heaps of music languishing in the loft.

        ADS Instant Music Ripper

        Software and various leads supplied

        And you canÂ’t have that, can you? All those compilation tapes and beloved LPs deserve to be rediscovered. But that dusty Showaddywaddy album and ancient mix tape arenÂ’t going to convert themselves into pristine digital files without a bit of help. Step forward the ADS Instant Music Ripper.

        This ingenious box of tricks allows you to transfer the music trapped on old records and tapes to your computer. Simply plug it into the nearest USB port, attach your prehistoric player of choice (turntable, cassette deck, whatever) and get ripping. DonÂ’t worry about compatibility and cables, the idiot-proof Instant Music Ripper comes with various leads and connectors to hook up your old hi-fi.

        ADS Instant Music Ripper

        Plenty of connection options!

        Once you’ve converted your records and cassettes into crisp, clear digital audio (OGG, WAV and WMA) you can get busy burning off your own CDs. The included Acoustica software allows you to go from LP to CD in 4 simple steps. And thanks to Acoustica your newly digitised music will be free from imperfections – no fluids or cloths required!

        ADS Instant Music Ripper

        Find your trapped music on cassette or vinyl

        Connect up and rip your music!

        Listen to your new digital audio or burn onto CD

        Best of all, you’ll be able to plop the music you grew up with straight onto your MP3 player. Whether it’s an obscure Buggles B-side or an ancient top 40 countdown, we guarantee you’ll be overcome with nostalgia the second you press play. (Unless Dave Lee Travis gets interrupted by the sound of your dad mumbling ‘testing, testing, one, two, three’).

        Wires supplied

        Wires supplied (L-R): Stereo miniplug 3.5mm, RCA audio cable with ground connector, USB cable and RCA to stereo adaptor

        The Instant Music Ripper is a must-have accessory for anyone with a computer and a box load of records and cassettes. And assuming youÂ’re out of short trousers and reading this, that means you!

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