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I'm dreaming of a white... whatever!

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    Dreaming of a White Christmas? Now you can make up to five litres of the stuff with our amazing new Insta-Snow!

    Think of Christmas and you immediately think of snow. Unfortunately global warming has all but put paid to the romantic concept of a white Christmas, and most of us now have to make do with the occasional flurry in January.

    But even if you're reading this from the frozen wastelands of Siberia with a smug grin on your face, we bet you can't make snow indoors. It melts. And let's face it, you can't beat a dusting of snow for adding a touch of seasonal cheer to your home. Of course you could always buy one of those tins of spray-on snow, but the effect is about as realistic as week-old whipped cream and twice as messy.

    Insta-Snow So how do you achieve that winter wonderland look without travelling to Narnia or filling your house with talcum powder? Easy, you buy a bag of utterly miraculous Insta-Snow!

    Simply pour a tiny amount of Insta-Snow into a cup, add water and before you can say 'I'm dreaming of a white Christmas' the liquid appears to freeze solid and starts to expand like a volcanic slush puppy! The resultant avalanche of fluffy powder looks and feels like real snow. It's even cold to the touch! But be warned: you could well have a mini Matterhorn on your hands as Insta-Snow expands to 100 times its original size!


    So how in the name of Santa does Insta-Snow work? Well, from what we understand, it's a newfangled synthetic polymer with super water-absorbing properties, and it's the only faux snow on the market that erupts when water is added.

    Insta-Snow Non-toxic Insta-Snow is so realistic that it's used by movie makers and indoor snowdomes, but it's also ideal for creating a festive look in your humble abode. Sprinkle it on your Christmas tree, over presents, on the lawn or simply demonstrate its jaw-dropping powers of eruption at festive (or not so festive) shindigs. With Insta-Snow seasons are totally irrelevant!

    Insta-Snow will start to dehydrate after a few days, so just spray it with water and fluff it up with your fingers to give it a fresh, fluffy look. You can also let the snow dry out completely and use it again. The dry form of Insta-Snow will last forever!

    We think Insta-Snow is the best snow-related innovation since naked outdoor hot tub parties, and we really can't over emphasise how mind-boggling watching this stuff expand is. If you're looking for faux snow, it's the white stuff!


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