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Insectilix Lolly
  • Insectilix Lolly

Insectilix Lolly

Lollipop, you make my heart go giddy-up!

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    Those of you old enough to remember Kojak will recall how the lovable old slaphead was forever slurping on his lollipop. Goodness knows what he'd make of these radical variations on his favourite stick-based confection, but we like to think "who loves ya baby" would figure in his response. So what's so special about these lollies? Well, our good friends at Edible have miraculously managed to encase a genuine Chinese scorpion and a deceased worm in delicious vodka and tequila flavoured lollies respectively. No, really!

    The scorpion is actually quite an attractive little fellow (if you like deadly arachnids), and he even glows under ultraviolet light, making this lolly the perfect fashion accessory when you're out clubbing or hanging around the sunbed centre. It almost seems a shame to eat him. But believe us, once you've slurped away at his transparent, vodka-tinged enclosure, you'll be unable to resist biting into his delightfully chewy, segmented abdomen. Although his sting has been removed, this lolly still has plenty of va va voom, as the Chinese scorpion is said to be a potent aphrodisiac when eaten.

    Moving onto the Tequilalix lolly, we all know that tequila makes you happy, but what's the worm all about? (And before any of you pedants out there write to tell us it's mescal, not tequila that contains the worm, we know - it's only a flipping lolly though). Well, this lolly contains a worm for the same reason the drink does - it looks seriously cool! Simple as that. What's more, the little fellow incarcerated inside has been specially bred and is 100% edible.

    The new Antilix lolly is a peppermint lolly which contains real farm raised ants! The ants are specially bred Polyrachis Black Ants and they have a spicy, peppery taste similar to chilli peppers. Ants are said to be good for you, giving an energy boost, and the peppermint is great for freshening your breath. Ant-tastic!

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    • "Looks vile other half will enjoy."
      Sean - 5th of December, 2015