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Insect Hotel

Put all six of your feet up

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    Hang it in your garden and watch nature unfold in front of your eyes

    With its collection of hidey-holes, the Insect Hotel gives your garden’s insects a place to stop and take a breather. Well, it’s a big world out there and – despite what you might think – some of them are actually busy doing a good job.

    Ladybirds, for example, eat over 5000 aphids in their lifetime! If you’ve ever lost a cherished plant to aphids you’ll understand what a little ruddy hero this makes the ladybird. And bees! We love bees and their fussy bumbling. They’re working twice as hard at the moment to make up for their dwindling numbers, so they could use a place to catch their breath (or even build a new nest) between flowers.

    Just hook this stylish wooden house in the branches of your trees. Then sit back and let nature find it. The Insect Hotel is made from ethically sourced wood, making it a stylish and guilt-free addition to any garden.

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