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Innocable Flat Neon Cable
  • Innocable Flat Neon Cable

Innocable Flat Neon Cable

Great for flat batteries

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    Apple has a lot to answer for – coming into our lives, making things all beautiful, raising our expectations for design beyond the purely functional. Grrrr. Well just as we were about to lay into the TV remote for being such a porker, we discovered the Innocable Flat Neon Cable. And our craving for clever thinking, simple design and eye-meltingly bright colours was sated.

    Holding the cable

    Thin is in!

    Colours available

    Lots of colours available!

    So what does it do? It’s a 1m charging and syncing cable for Apple’s many gadgets. Just like Apple’s standard white cable it’s invaluable for topping up your iPads, iPhones and iPods via your MAC or PC. However, the Innocable Flat Neon Cable won’t end up in an unsightly spaghetti pile under your desk. The flat design makes it resistant to tangling. Sure it’s not going to change everything (again), but it’s just another step to a neater, simpler, more beautiful world.

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