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The drawing game where your body is the canvas
Yes, you get to scribble all over your loved ones
Race to guess the tattoo
Scrawl some sort of genital on nan's face
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There's nothing like a good dodgy tattoo. It's always a joy to cringe and chuckle at people's poor life choices (we're looking at you, lady with 'Drake' forehead tattoo). Wouldn't get too comfortable just yet, however, as you soon may be the bearer of an embarrassing spot of ink...

Forget everything you knew about board games. You are now officially entering uncharted board game territory...No boards, no dice. Your body's the canvas and someone's about to leave their mark on you.

How does it work? Choose an Ink card, a Body card, and then choose the player you want to ink. Players race to guess the tattoo in a bloodthirsty bid to earn points.

Before you know it adrenaline levels will have peaked dangerously, you'll have cried your eyes from your skull with laughter and nan'll have some sort of genital scrawled into her forehead. All in the name of good fun.


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Please Note:
  • This board game is 100% pain free
Product Features:
  • The game where you get to scribble all over your loved ones
  • Suitable for ages 17+
  • Includes two tattoo markers, 30 body cards, 120 ink cards and easy to follow rules
  • Measures approximately 23.6cm(W) x 20cm(H) x 5cm(D)
Customer reviews
"The perfect gift for a tattoo lover!"
Laura - 2nd of September, 2016
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