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Infusion TeaPot
  • Infusion TeaPot

Infusion TeaPot

Loose-leaf and fancy tea

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    Supermarkets make you bring your own, budget airlines charge you a fortune for them, and high-tech hoovers have ditched them completely. It seems the world has fallen out with bags.

    1 Pour in water 2 Add tea Infusion Teapot Easy to clean

    Pour in water

    Add tea

    Leave to brew

    Infusion Teapot Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

    Continuing this campaign against carriers are the makers of Infusion TeaPot. Quietly reminding us that tea doesn’t actually grow in little perforated packets (we knew that), this stylish glass teapot uses loose leaves for a superior cuppa. Despite what you might think, backtracking to the days of the bagless brew actually creates a far smoother, richer cuppa with a fuller flavour.

    Combine this with a selection of three different green teas and you have yourself the perfect gift. Treat yourself to a premium pot of tea, or just show mum how it’s done. Go on, pop the kettle on.
    Infusion Teapot Tea

    Green tea and amaranth flowers, green tea and marigold flowers, green tea and jasmine flowers

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