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Inflatable Roller Wheel
  • Inflatable Roller Wheel

Inflatable Roller Wheel

Keep on rollin’ baby

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    Close up of the step

    Steps to help push the wheel round

    A great addition to any playroom (and just as much fun outdoors), the Inflatable Roller Wheel is so simple it’s brilliant. Inflate it with the included pump and your little ones can happily trundle around inside it like hamsters in a wheel.

    But it’s not just a nifty way for kids to get about. The Roller Wheel is also a great place for older kids to sit and read, watch TV, or play games. On its side it’s also a great hidey hole or the beginnings of a fort.

    With such a simple design it’s really down to your young ones’ imaginations how to use it next. So blow it up, roll it into their lives and see what happens.

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