Inflatable Beverage Boats
  • Inflatable Beverage Boats

Inflatable Beverage Boats

Get that lovely floaty feeling

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  • Finally somewhere to put your drink while your relax in the pool
  • Prevent your cocktails from capsizing unnecessarily
  • Three bright and summery vessels to choose from
  • Ideal for pool parties and bath time
  • Also works great with crisps and dips, maybe


The main problem with any relaxing pool float is that there's never anywhere safe to put your drink. And let's face it, we're not even talking a regular "drink" here, we're talking about an exotic cocktail piled high with fruit, umbrellas and plastic monkeys. If you go and spill a load of pineapple juice in the pool, people are going to believe what they want to believe – you need a fleet of Inflatable Beverage Boats floating by your side.

These buoyant barges are simple to blow up, though that doesn't mean you can't pretend that your drunken glow is the result of a rigorous inflation process. Just slot your drink gently into the centre of the boat aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand relax.

There are three bright and summery varieties too choose from (Tasty Donuts, Exotic Birds, Juicy Fruit) and each pack contains three boats so you can share them with friends or surround yourself with a whole flotilla of bobbing beverages.

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  • "Very pleased with these - perfect example of what you buy as a gift for the person who has everything!"
    Maddy - 27th of February, 2017
  • "How to make your pool look better.....Boom look no further. Bring the pool bar to you."
    Chris - 9th of November, 2016
    Megan - 16th of June, 2016
  • "Perfect for an upcoming holiday involving beer and pools."
    Andrew - 13th of June, 2016