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Infinity Virtual Reality Headset

There's even more to VR than playing games

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Infinity Virtual Reality Headset
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  • We've created the most affordable and fully-featured smartphone VR headset
  • Discover that there's more to Virtual Reality than playing games
  • Immersive yourself in shows, news, experiences and short films
  • Supremely luxurious, with quilted eye cushions and air vents
  • The perfect alternative to £500+ headsets and cheap plastic tat
The landscape of Virtual Reality has changed. No longer is it just a bunch of simple 3D games designed to show off a novel new technology. Now hundreds of well-known brands, publications, musicians and film-makers are using this powerful platform to create inspiring and immersive apps.

With this in mind, it doesn't make sense to fork out on an expensive gaming headset, nor do you want a cheap plastic headset that leaves painful dents on your face! Infinity is the most comfortable, fully-featured and best-looking Virtual Reality headset at a price point that won't bring a tear to your eye. Just pop open the hatch, slot your smartphone in, load up your chosen piece of Virtual content and prepare to immerse yourself in breathtaking three-dimensional content.

These are a few of our favourite VR apps to explore with your Infinity headset:
  • Within – Think of it as the 'Netflix Originals' of the VR world, showcasing a curated collection of the best cinematic Virtual Reality; including short films, music videos, comedy and documentaries. With regular productions from The New York Times, Vice, Saturday Night Live and others
  • RYOT – The Huffington Post gathers a host of humanitarians, wanderers, journalists, and technologists from around the world to tell the most important stories of our time through the medium of VR
  • GoPro VR – A match made in heaven. Whether its skydiving, water sports, music concerts or art installations – GoPro VR puts you at heart of the action
  • 11:57: A Virtual Reality Horror Movie – you are the main character in an immersive short film. With haunting 360 degree audio and frightening visuals, there is no better way to fully experience the horror genre than in terrifying Virtual Reality. You can scream but you can't look away
  • Jaunt VR – Similar to 'Within' in that it's rammed full of captivating cinematic content. Witness a fight with a real-life grizzly bear, watch Disney's Lion King musical and even escape from a gang of flesh-hungry zombies
The Infinity VR headset lets you fully realise your smartphone's potential and welcomes you to a whole new world of amazing Virtual content.

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  • "The first use was I gave my sister a look at a roller coaster video. The result was hilarious."
    Dave - 8th of February, 2018
  • "A fun extra present."
    Samantha - 5th of December, 2017
  • "Just amazing for films, I suggest buying a bluetooth controller for games. It's really fun though, I can't say one bad thing about it."
    Joanne - 9th of November, 2016
  • "Great price, great quality. What more could you want?"
    Jennifer - 27th of October, 2016
  • "Absolutely fantastic."
    Alan - 19th of October, 2016