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Infinity Gauntlet Mug
  • Infinity Gauntlet Mug
  • Infinity Gauntlet Mug
  • Infinity Gauntlet Mug

Infinity Gauntlet Mug

Reali-tea gem

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Infinity Gauntlet Mug
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Love it as much as we do?
  • The Infinity Gauntlet… in mug form!
  • Complete with each and every Infinity Stone
  • And a gold chrome glaze, obviously
  • Officially licensed Marvel merch, no Forever Glove Cups here!


Feeling gaunt(let)? You probably just need a cup of tea.

This Marvel-lous mug is the perfect receptacle for a nice hot drink. Hand assembled by our resident office Titan Thanos, each one contains the REAL infinity stones from the Elders of the Universe, rendered in luxurious plastic. We joke, but it does look pretty realistic, to be fair.

Of course, the exterior has a lovely gold chrome finish, dazzlingly reflective and shiny. Just like the real wishing cube! Just don’t try to cram your fist into it, you may have a bit of a ‘mare getting your massive Hulk hands out of it.

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  • "I bought this mug for my husband and he LOVED ITT! "
    - 15th of April, 2020
  • "Mug came on time, exactly as described and unbroken! Yay!"
    - 25th of February, 2020
  • "Avengingly good"
    - 16th of January, 2020
  • "perfect for posing"
    - 2nd of January, 2020
  • "Got it for my friend for her birthday and she loved it :))"
    - 18th of December, 2019