Infinitrax Racetrack
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Infinitrax Racetrack

If only real racing was this exciting!

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    Fixing the track together

    Easy to fit together

    All these R/C micro racing cars are great fun, but trying to conduct races without a proper racetrack is nigh on impossible. Yes, you can set up makeshift circuits using pens, rulers and other bits of stationery, but lumpy carpets covered in crumbs are no substitute for a well-defined racetrack. Enter the Infinitrax Micro R/C Racetrack.

    Set to rank alongside Silverstone, Spa and Suzuka in terms of thrills and spills, this modular foam rubber racetrack is perfect for any type of titchy R/C racing vehicle, including our Mario Kart Micro Racers and Tamiya Classics. It makes zooming around on empty lino seem about as entertaining as a Mansell monologue.

    With 14 track sections and a chequered finish line, you can assemble this amazing track in multiple configurations. And because each section has idiot-proof interlocking ends, creating a brand new circuit takes minutes. Believe us, watching Super Mario overtaking Yoshi on your newly constructed Curva del Serragilio beats whizzing round a chair leg any day.

    Some track ideas...

    Two hairpins in the track Oval shaped track A Chicane in the track

    Two hairpins

    Oval shaped

    Add a chicane

    Unlike slot racing, Infinitrax frees your vehicle to cover every millimetre of track in both directions. And thanks to guard rails your car won’t fly off into the dog basket every time you overdo it on a hairpin. Thrilling? This is overall-wetting stuff, especially if there are several drivers on the grid.

    If you’ve got a micro R/C car or anything titchy with four wheels, we strongly recommend you get your mitts on Infinitrax right now. C’mon, it’s time to lay down some rubber!

    All the parts...
    All the parts

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