• Incredibubbles


They’re practically unpopabubble

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    Doggie with bubbles

    Pop those bubbles puppy!

    Everyone goes a little mad for bubbles; and the animal kingdom is no exception. But now you can play with a bubble-making kit that has been designed specifically for your pets! Incredibubbles (we love this name) have been specially formulated to be harder to pop. Now, we’re not talking tennis ball tough; but these bubbles will actually dry as they float through the air so that they land without bursting – giving your pets plenty of time to reach them and attack!

    Just blow through the supplied wand and send a flurry of peach-flavoured orbs through the air. The non-toxic formula is safe for your pets and the liquid won’t stain or mark fabric. So whether you’re indoors or outdoors, Incredibubbles are a great toy that everyone can enjoy.

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