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Impossible Rice Puzzle

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Impossible Rice Puzzle
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  • Call yourself a puzzler? Try completing this one using chopsticks
  • Consists of 300 almost identical pieces
  • Includes a spatula and glue so you can immortalise hours of hardship
  • Comes with a Japanese plum sticker to 'garnish' the finished puzzle
  • Yeah we don't really understand either, but we kinda like it
When a jigsaw puzzle comes with its own spatula and glue so you can immortalise your achievement – you know it's not going to be easy.

Not only is the Rice Puzzle made up of 300 almost identical pieces, but it also comes with a set of chopsticks to add an extra challenge to the proceedings.

For those of you that do finish this unashamedly eccentric Japanese puzzle, they've included a 'plum' sticker that's meant to be placed on top of the completed puzzle as a celebratory garnish? Yup, us neither.

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