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Impossible Instant Lab

From pixel to print

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  • Your pictures are too good to remain buried away on your phone
  • Transform those lifeless iPhone pixels into a true analog photo
  • Easy to use, prints in seconds
  • Watch in wonder as your photos develop in the palm of your hand
  • Photos that you can touch, caress and share
Polaroid cameras were undeniably cool, and nothing has really come close to emulating that retro photography experience and the satisfaction of instantly holding and sharing your photos, until now.

The Impossible Instant Lab transforms your iPhone images into real, one-of-a-kind instant photographs that you can stroke and caress. Your pictures are too good to remain buried away in the dark depths of your mobile phone. You need to free them, give them life. Turn those spiritless pixels into something physical.

No unnecessary dials, buttons, controls. Simply select a picture on your iPhone, place the phone on the cradle, press the eject button – that's it. Within seconds it ejects your analog instant photo, ready to develop in the palm of your hand.

Unlike a photo printer, the Instant Lab doesn't spray ink onto the paper. It intertwines the digital and analog worlds. Being a real camera, it uses a special four element coated glass lens to take a photo from your iPhone's display and lets it develop inside the layers of the integral film. It's a purely photochemical (magic) process that results in a totally unique image that is completely different from the output of a printer.

It's gone full circle. It's become far too easy to just take a picture and let it fester amongst thousands of others on your phone. It's lost its meaning. The time has come to embrace physical photos again.

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