Imagin Colour Screen eBook Reader
  • Imagin Colour Screen eBook Reader

Imagin Colour Screen eBook Reader

It’s all here in black and white…and red and blue…

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    You don’t view life in black and white so why do it with eBooks? Why indeed, because travel guides, cookery books, PDF files and children’s books are usually brimming with colourful pages. Step forward the pioneering Imagin Colour Screen eBook Reader.

    As its name suggests this sleek, gorgeously engineered eReader boasts a stunning 5” colour TFT screen, so as well as good ol’ black and white you can enjoy all those lovely colour bits too.

    View pdfs

    View pdf documents
    as well as e-books

    Better still you can use this rechargeable, multiformat-friendly hour-cruncher to display photos and watch movies. Read the book? Now watch the film, all on one supremely portable USB-friendly gizmo. The Imagin will even play music while you read, through headphones or via its integrated speakers. Mmm, Harry Potter accompanied by Kings of Leon!

    Imagin Colour Screen eBook Reader

    1) Mini USB port, 2) Power button, 3) Micro SD Card Slot, 4) Headphone input

    Listen to music

    Listen to music!

    Compatible with the vast majority of downloadable books, all Adobe DRM files and mountains more, the Imagin’s colour screen makes it ideal for kids’ books. Take it on holiday and you can eat in peace as little tykes argue over which movie to watch or book to read.

    No slouch in the user-friendly stakes, the Imagin’s screen is bordered by various touch-sensitive buttons, allowing you to navigate through menus and functions with ease. Choose between eBook, photo viewer, video viewer and music player. You’ll pick this baby up almost as fast as you’d put a Katie Price ‘novel’ down. So what are you waiting for? It’s all here in black and white…and red and yellow and purple…

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