I'm Nuts About You!
  • I'm Nuts About You!

I'm Nuts About You!

The nuts and bolts of love

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    It's not easy finding slush-free romantic keepsakes. Trinkets emblazoned with 'I Love You Fluffybunnywunny' are all well and good, but they're not always appropriate, especially when the object of your affection is a style-savvy sophisticate. Besides, you might not have reached that pivotal 'I love you' stage. And nobody wants to come across as a potential bunny boiler, do they?

    I'm Nuts About You! So how do you retain your cool and express your amorous intentions without looking like a lovesick puppy? No, you don't tattoo 'I Fink I Luv U' on your forehead; you present the supremely chic 'I'm Nuts About You!' Keychain. Gorgeously crafted in bronze and silver, with genuine gold-plated nuts (oo-er!), this stylish little keyring/keepsake has been specifically designed for all you prospective Lubba Lubbas with a penchant for rugged yet romantic gifts.

    Featuring utilitarian-looking hardware, the 'I'm Nuts About You!' Keychain comprises a wing nut, bolt and three little nuts. And as we all know, nuts and bolts are designed to fasten things together. Aw, bless!

    I'm Nuts About You! Once this smart little piece of hardware is in your pocket or purse, only the two of you will understand its significance, because the 'I'm Nuts About You!' slogan is only visible on the smart little presentation box. This means recipients can stare at their nifty nuts and bolts all day long and think wonderful romantic thoughts without arousing suspicion.

    I'm Nuts About You! A perfect pressie for potential partners, long-term lovers, girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands and anyone in between, the 'I'm Nuts About You!' Keychain will act as a discreet yet constant reminder of the romantic soul who gave it. And that, dear reader, means you. So get ordering. You'd be nuts (and bolts) not to.

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