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Illuminate Turntable

Turn the lights on

Product not available at the moment.
  • Turn your vinyl-listening sessions into a retro disco light show
  • Built-in multicolour LED lighting responds to the beat of the music
  • Use it to digitise your entire vinyl collection as you play through it
  • Slick, white finish with a smooth, transparent dust cover
Everyone knows that vinyl is the new .mp3 – the gorgeous 12" album artwork, the high fidelity audio, the warm feeling of actually owning something instead of just hurling more money into the bloodthirsty Spotify machine.

Well now you've got an even better excuse to start spinning records – because you can transform these moments into colourful retro light shows with the Illuminate Turntable. It houses a strip of built-in LEDs that glow from beneath the vinyl and change colour to the beat of your music. This lively turntable sets out to prove that decks are no longer simply the reserve of geeky record collectors and wannabe DJs

With the canny addition of a USB port, this slick, white turntable marries together old and new technologies perfectly; enabling you to digitise your entire vinyl collection as you play through it.

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