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When you have to glow in the night

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Love it as much as we do?
  • Motion activated toilet night light
  • Fits any toilet
  • Give your toilet a sprinkle of colour
  • Wee like you're Tron - with 9 colour options!
  • Saves relationships, so worth spending a penny on


Drinking too much water, staring at phone screens late at night, those nightmares where you can’t run/walk, snoring, stupid songs circling your mind, internal monologues and foxes rutting in the back garden. Something is going to wake you up.

Once you’re awake, you now have a choice. Should you use this break in sleep cycles to use the toilet?

Yes you should. But the world is a dark place. Especially your bathroom. So what are your options? You can't turn the light on, that's mental. You'll be instantly and violently awake.

You could leave the lights off and try using instinct and porcelain echo feedback to find the centre of the toilet but it's way too messy. You need a 3rd way.

You need the Illumibowl Toilet Night Light.

It's light sensitive so it will only turn on in the dark; and motion activated so that it will only light up when you walk into the bathroom at night.

It comes equipped with 9 colour options - single colour or cycling effect - and fits any toilet.

Now you don't need to shuffle nervously through the dark trying to avoid smashing your leg/shin against the toilet or apologise sheepishly to better halves when they inspect the erratic results of your night-time manoeuvres.

Let the Illumibowl take the toil out of the toilet.
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25 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "So much fun! Toilet lights up when the lights are off and changes colours. A big wow for everyone!"
    - 25th of August, 2019
  • "Love this! Great idea. Would definitely recommend!"
    - 9th of July, 2019
  • "Very nice lightning and colors, but i give 4 stars since it doesn't fit very well on every toilet. It is indeed adjustable but not 100% well"
    - 29th of March, 2019
  • "I bought one for myself and was so impressed I bought another for a family member "
    - 14th of February, 2019
  • "Purchased as my contribution to family gift exchange. Is now in Washington State. Family says”it changed our life”."
    - 19th of January, 2019