Ice Tornado Glass
  • Ice Tornado Glass
  • Ice Tornado Glass

Ice Tornado Glass

Storm in a...tumbler?

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Turn your favourite tipples into twisted ice-cold delights
  • Includes a silicone cyclone mould and a chunky glass tumbler
  • Can also be used to make tornado-shaped ice blocks
  • The perfect vessel for a 'Dark and Stormy'
  • Drinking habits spiralling out of control? Cool off with an ice tornado


Weather warning: The Ice Tornado Glass is on the way. Your best bet is to batten down the hatches and fix yourself a damned cool beverage.

Making drinks with the silicone mould and glass tumbler is an absolute breeze, even a total nimbus-cile can use it. Just pop it in the freezer and wait for the storm to brew (the water to freeze). After a few hours, carefully remove the mould to leave a vortex surrounded by ice, ready to be filled with your favourite tipple. The result is so striking you'll be hailed as a hero by your party gusts.

Check the bar-ometer, it's time to get hurri-caned! Add a twister lime and turn it into a tropical storm. As the night goes on you may find that there is poor visibility. Things may be a bit foggy in the morning, with occasional strong winds and a chance of chunder and lightning. A shower wouldn't go a miss.

Terrible weather puns aside (sorry if we mist any), the Ice Tornado drinks mould is the perfect way to keep your beverages freezing cold and looking impressive.

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