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Ice Speed Chess Set
  • Ice Speed Chess Set

Ice Speed Chess Set

Checkmate before they checkmelt

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    This might be considered cheating?

    At last, an excuse to rattle through a game of chess like nobody’s business. Never mind all that thinking, strategy and chin stroking, the Ice Speed Chess Set is all about winning the game before your pieces melt! Just fill these 2 silicone trays with water and pop them in your freezer while you track down where you left your board. It’s ideal for playing in Arctic conditions and makes a terrific mess indoors.

    To help you tell each side apart use a couple of drops of food colouring in one of the sets. Heck, you could even use fruit juice and triumphantly eat your opponent’s pieces as you take them. The Ice Speed Chess Set is all about thinking fast and ending the game as quickly as possible. Then you can use all the remaining chunks in your victory drinks.

    Speaking of drinks – if chess isn’t your thing, why not skip that part entirely and use them as intellectual ice cubes at your next shindig? They look great in a tumbler with whiskey, or bobbing about in a mojito. Mmm... checkmint.

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