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Ice Shot Glasses
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Ice Shot Glasses

D-d-d-d-down in one

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    Are you still searching for ways to give your drinking sessions a bit more oomph? Well cancel the order for those comedy sombreros, hide the luminous swizzle sticks, chuck that revolting rocket fuel you bought in Lanzagrotty down the sink and order some Ice Shot Glasses.

    Shot glasses made from ice! Brr-illiant, we hear you cry! Simply fill the Ice Shot Glasses mould with water, bung it in the freezer and before you know it you'll have 12 perfectly formed frozen shot glasses. Water is the obvious option with which to make your Ice Shot Glasses but you can use pretty much anything else that freezes - within reason, please! We're particularly into cranberry juice at the mo, as the faint zing complements certain grain based drinks to perfection. The colour's cool too. Or how about bombing a B52 encased in frozen orange? The possibilities are endless!

    It goes without saying that serving shooters in shot glasses made from pure ice is infinitely more impressive than running around yelling 'tequila' in a rubbish Spanish accent or poisoning your pals with 100 proof atomic waste. And there's none of that washing-up with a monolithic hangover malarkey because the glasses will eventually melt.

    Although the concept is screamingly simple, Ice Shot Glasses never fail to impress because the feeling of ice on lip is a sensation no glass in the world can replicate, no matter how cold. You can even chuck your Ice Shot Glasses in the fireplace and swear in Russian without having to buy replacement glassware.

    Serving booze in Ice Shot Glasses is a great way to kick-start a night of frozen frolics, as friends will flock from miles around to enjoy your ice-swathed concoctions. What's Fonzie like? Exactly. Ch-ch-cheers!

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