Ice Maker
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Ice Maker

Plink plink fast

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    close up of ice

    Really cold, really quick!

    When the sun finally pops out from behind the permacloud here in the UK we’re often thrown into a panic as we hurry to enjoy it. And of course, the first thing to run out is always the ice. Any other time of the year one tray is enough, but as soon as it warms up, we just can’t make the stuff fast enough!

    Well forget buying in emergency ice cube trays and stacking them in the garage for ten months of the year. Get yourself an Ice Maker and you can have delicious fresh water bricks in minutes! You’d be amazed how often you use ice when it becomes readily available – no longer the precious commodity (and huge faff) it once was, tucked away in the back of the freezer.

    Champagne on ice

    Chilled to perfection in no time

    There’s no need to plumb the Countertop Ice Maker in; just fill it with 2 litres of fresh water, set the dial to small, medium, or large ice cubes and then forget about it! You’ll have ice clinking in your drinks in just 10 minutes. It will keep churning out ice cubes until the ice storage compartment is full (or the reservoir runs out). At this point it will automatically go into sleep mode and beep, to let you know you’re not drinking your Daiquiris quickly enough.

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