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Ice Jacket
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Ice Jacket

Positively sub-zero

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    Ice Jacket
    When we first heard about the Ice Jacket we thought it was some fur-trimmed jacket for beardy polar explorers. How wrong we were. And in a good way, because the Ice Jacket is actually an ingenious device that makes vodka bottles cooler than they already are. And when we say 'cooler' we mean in terms of both temperature and appearance.

    Basically the Ice Jacket is a mould that creates a layer of ice around your bottles. Simply clamp the mould around the bottle, fill it with water, bung it in the freezer and behold - your bottle is encased in shimmering ice.

    Ice Jacket

    Encase vodka

    Fill, and place in freezer


    As well as keeping your vodka seriously chilled, the Ice Jacket will give your soirees a touch of Narnia-chic. And if you're worried about dropping your slippery creation and losing all the brownie points you've accrued, don't be. The plastic base of the Ice Jacket remains attached at all times allowing for simple one-handed pouring. For hosts with smaller hands (or an unsteady pouring technique), a mess-free delivery is achieved by placing one hand on the base and the other around the bottle's ice-free neck.

    Ice Jacket

    Melts into its drip tray

    Once you've impressed your guests with this glistening booze cooler you might be wondering how to keep your cool when your sculptural sleeve finally begins to melt. Well thankfully that should take some time because the booze within the bottle has been chilled to below 20°F. This keeps the Ice Jacket insulated from within. Cool, eh! And even when it eventually does thaw out, the Ice Jacket simply melts into its own drip tray.

    Apart from supplying you with a gang of good-looking drinking buddies, the people behind the Ice Jacket really have thought of everything. In fact this is the ultimate way to say do svidanya to boring booze coolers. It's also a perfect gift for vodka aficionados. So what are you waiting for? Get ordering and enjoy your vodka not just on the rocks but in the rocks.

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