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Ice Cubed
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Ice Cubed

Geometry on the rocks

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    Nothing gives a drink razzle dazzle like a few ice cubes (unless it’s a cup of tea). But are they really “cubes”? With a top face smaller than the bottom face? We’re afraid not. They’re actually cuboids. So to overcome this shocking breach of the Trade Descriptions Act we’ve found Ice Cubed. An ice cube tray that produces near perfect geometric cubes!

    Filling with water Popping a raspberry in Placing the lid on

    Fill with waterl to the max line

    Add fruit to your cubes

    Place lid and freeze

    ice cubes

    Perfect ice cubes

    Why is this important? It’s not, of course. But they make a delightful change to your typical ice cube shapes. What’s more, this unique tray comes with a recipe book for making more than just solid water bricks. Experiment with frozen flavours, hidden herbs and alcoholic surprises. Now that’s thinking out of the (perfectly-proportioned) box.
    Examples of ice cubes with extra flavour!

    Examples of ice cubes with extra flavour!

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