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Ice Crusher

    Ice Crusher

    Cocktail bar classic

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      You've prepared the ice in advance. Remembering that part of the plan was easy. But can the pair of you seductively sip your finely blended beverages through blocks of ice large enough to sink a turn of the century passenger liner? In a word, no.

      Send frozen water through this cocktail classic and drinks instantly become more sophisticated. Sturdily and stylishly finished in chromed steel, it really is just a case of lobbing in a few cubes, turning the handle while you smile politely and then handing over a drink that wouldn't look out of place on the set of Casablanca. Keep the cube-making bags and trays out of sight and you're definitely onto a winner.

      As well as drinks that demand finely crushed ice, like a frozen Margarita, you can just use it to roughly break up ice whenever you normally use it. It's worth the extra two seconds of minimal effort because, our extensive scientific research has shown, it makes the drink colder much quicker. And that's a good thing.

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