Ice Cream Ping Pong
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  • Ice Cream Ping Pong

Ice Cream Ping Pong

You scream, I scream

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Ice Cream Ping Pong
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Love it as much as we do?
  • The kitschiest, cutest ping pong set you did ever see
  • Comes with everything you need for endless table tennis fun
  • That’s two paddles, two balls, and one adjustable net
  • Adjustable net fits almost EVERY table
  • Don’t lick the paddles, they’re not real ice cream


Ping pong: the only summer game everyone actually wants to play instead of divisive sh*t like “ultimate frisbee” or “let’s steal a few Soleros from the off license”.

Set up is fast and easy: clip the adjustable net onto whatever table you’ve got lying about and you’re good to go! From big ol’ picnic tables to the humble camping table, anything will do thanks to the innovative adjustableness of this nifty net.

All that and for less than the price of a modern day 99!

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