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Ice Cream Neon Light

Cone of light

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Ice Cream Neon Light
Love it as much as we do?
  • Illuminate your interior with a neon ice cream
  • Emits a creamy blend of white, yellow and red light
  • Mains powered with an on/off switch
  • Acrylic backplate so you can mount it up on the wall
  • Basically the same price as a modern day '99'
Treat yourself to a cool scoop of ge-light-o and brighten up your home with the Ice Cream Neon Light.

Unlike the other faux-neon LED lamps out there, this chic piece of mood lighting uses blown glass and real neon gas to produce its vibrant luminosity.

It comes mounted on a transparent acrylic back plate so you can either lean it somewhere stylish or hang it up on your wall.

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