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Ice Cream Marshmallows
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  • Ice Cream Marshmallows

Ice Cream Marshmallows

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Ice Cream Marshmallows
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Once you lick it, you just can’t… uh… stop
  • The sweetest, most delicious marshmallows in the entire universe
  • Absolutely gigantic jar full to the brim
  • They’re ICE CREAM FLAVOURED!!!!!
  • Can’t get these down the shops, can ya? (Answer: no)


We didn’t think it was possible. Our last batches of marshmallows were the most moreish thing in the world. How do you top perfection?

By shaping them like ice creams and making them ICE CREAM FLAVOURED! Even more moreish than before. Those geniuses/bastards in our marshmallow development department have a lot to answer for when we step on the scales.

These fluffy, plump pillows of satisfaction are covered in frosted sugar crystals for an addictive crunch, only bettered by the silky bounce of their soft, soft innards.

They’re SO irresistibly addictive that we were forced to put them in a humongous jar; a jar so mighty that even the most peckish marshmallow muncher couldn’t get through in one sitting. You can try, but don’t blame us when you die of Deliciousness Overdose (D.O).
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