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Ice Cream Ball

Ready to Roll

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  • Make 1 pint of delicious ice cream just by rolling a ball
  • No batteries or electricity needed
  • Wave goodbye to that pesky, expensive ice cream man
Everyone loves ice cream. Fact. But wouldn't it be great if you could make delicious ice cream quickly, easily and without an electricity socket in sight? And wouldn't it be even better if you throw and roll a ball about whilst doing it? Well guess what, now you can!

The ingenious Ice Cream Ball is the fun and easy way to make yummy home made ice cream, frozen yoghurt, shakes, ice drinks & more! Ice cream is formed just by rolling, shaking or throwing the ball around combining making stuff with good old fashioned fun! Simply bung your ice cream ingredients in one end, cram ice and rock salt in the other and then play with the ball. After about 20 minutes you'll have made a pint of delicious home made ice cream.

"Rock Salt in my Ice Cream!? Are you crazy?!" Yes we are, but that's beside the point. Rock Salt in this process though isn't crazy, it's actually incredibly mind-blowingly impressive. You see, the salt itself never actually comes into contact with your ice cream - but it's vital to the thermodynamic reaction that super-cools the ingredients. Ooooooooo, Magic.

Your ice cream choice can be as simple as good old vanilla, but you can also experiment with any taste you fancy . Just add your fave flavouring before loading the mix into the Ice Cream Ball's metal mixing chamber and you're ready to roll.

Brilliant at picnics, parties and camping trips, the Ice Cream Ball allows you to slurp on lip-smackingly good ice cream without electricity, batteries or long waits by the ice cream van. You're sure to have a ball!

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