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ITTM Outlimits DSS
  • ITTM Outlimits DSS

ITTM Outlimits DSS

Hello? You’re not breaking up...

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    scale - big buttons

    Small but tough and tactile

    Short of casting it into the fires of Mount Doom, the ITTM Outlimits DSS Mobile Phone is all but impossible to destroy. Ok, that’s not quite true, but given the amount of tech inside this phone’s tough, rubberised casing it’s still pretty impressive.

    First of all, the rugged mobile is shockproof, drop-proof, dustproof and waterproof. It’ll withstand pressures up to 100kg, survive a fall from 2m and can even be submerged 1m underwater (for up to half an hour). The large buttons allow you to operate it without removing gloves and the Bluetooth function will even let you connect a handsfree kit.

    emergency feature

    SOS button for emergency calls only!

    Perhaps more importantly though – for the benefit of anyone working alone or in a dangerous environment – the phone is set up to take two SIM cards. This way you can always ensure you have network coverage. If you run into any difficulty, just pressing the SOS button on the back immediately dials your specially-designated number, so you can call for assistance. The phone will automatically switch to the SIM card with the best reception.

    light up the night

    Torch will help you in the dark

    With all of these functions (not to mention the integrated torch, MMS and GRPS functions) you can be sure you’ll always be kept in the loop – even if you’re miles from anywhere. So now you’ll have no excuse for not ringing your mum (sorry).

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