IDAPT i1 Eco Charger
  • IDAPT i1 Eco Charger

IDAPT i1 Eco Charger

Greener than the average

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    Charge two things at once

    Charge two items at a time!

    There are loads of ways to help save the world, but not many of them are as cunning as the IDAPT i1 Eco Charger. How come? Well, regular chargers will use power as long as they are plugged into the wall, even if no gadget is attached. The IDAPT i1 Eco Charger automatically shuts the power off, including standby power, once your gizmo is fully charged.
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    No waste! The IDAPT automatically shuts down, after your gadgets are fully charged


    Car adpater for charging on the move

    Green-minded, planet-conscious portable gadget fans will love the next bit. Not content with simply saving you money with the auto-shutoff function, the clever bods at IDAPT have even made the Eco Charger from smart recycled plastic. Even the packaging is made from re-cycled cardboard.

    Eco credentials aside, the multitasking IDAPT i1 Eco Charger features dual outputs, which allow you to charge two gadgets at once. One is a standard USB out, while the other is from IDAPT’s innovative interchangeable tip system (also used on their i4 charging station). As standard it comes with 3 tips, a micro USB, a mini USB and of course an iPod/iPhone tip.

    different charging tips & car adapter

    Come with three charging tips suitable for most gadgets, and a car adapter

    Perfect for use in the home or in the car with the included 9V car charger, the IDAPT i1 Eco Universal Charger is the future of charging devices. Money saving, portable and green. We think Mother Nature would approve.

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