IDAPT Charging Station
  • IDAPT Charging Station

IDAPT Charging Station

Detangle your life and get charging

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    You can never have too many gadgets. But you can definitely have too many chargers. So until gizmo manufacturers wise up you’ll have to make do with that infuriating spaghetti of cables and plugs. Unless of course you buy the Idapt Charging Station.

    Thanks to a collection of interchangeable cordless tips, this universal desktop charger lets you juice up to four* portable gadgets at once. Just slot in the appropriate tip, cartridge styley, plug the stylish Idapt into the mains and you’re good to go.

    Included interchangeable cordless charging tips:
    IDAPT charging station

    iPod / iPhone3GS, Samsung, Sony Ericsson fast port, Nokia 2mm, MiniUSB, MicroUSB

    IDAPT charging station

    IDAPT i4's additional USB port

    Wandering gadgeteers can even bung it in a suitcase, in that side-pocket where stacks of cumbersome chargers once jostled for space amongst socks and ‘It’s all Geek to me’ comedy underpants.

    Whether it’s an iPhone, GPS, BlackBerry, Nokia, camera or headset, the Idapt is more than adept (see what we’ve done there?) at delivering a whoosh of oomph to your beloved electronic essentials. So come on, detangle your life and get charging.

    *i4 only, i3 can charge 3 gadgets at once

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