IACM4000 Internet Alert Call Manager

    IACM4000 Internet Alert Call Manager

    Look who's calling...

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      Move over sliced bread, you've just been replaced in the useful stakes by the IACM4000 Internet Alert Call Manager. Destined to take its place amongst Life's Essentials (alongside a waterbed, mirrored ceiling and toaster) once you've installed one of these, you'll wonder how you ever existed without it. This nifty silver box is the answer to that annoying problem of your internet and home phone sharing the same line. All terribly cosy, but how d'you know who's calling you when you're online?

      Just surf to your heart's content and when someone decides to shatter your peace, you'll be alerted by flashing and beeping. Even better, this charmingly useful gadget identifies the caller on the LCD display, so you decide if they're worthy enough to speak to. Or not. The unit logs the last 80 incoming calls and includes a 40 name/number directory (which displays the caller's name rather than number). All you need is the Call Waiting and Caller Display services and that man Bob really will be your uncle.

      Ingeniously, those clever types that came up with this made sure that you won't ever suffer from Connectus Interruptus again, since the unit has been designed to constantly check ("sniff ") the telephone line for the Call Waiting tone. Ideal for both home and office use (with a compatible PABX) the IACM4000 will also detect incoming faxes. So now there's a smart answer to that tricky modern dilemma that haunts us all. Stay online or answer? The choice is yours...

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