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I Miss Drugs Mug

'Class A’ Cuppa

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I Miss Drugs Mug
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  • Lovely matte black finish with glossy lettering
  • Philosophical statement (or something)
  • Excellent liquid-holding capabilities
  • Message is open to interpretation
Attractive matte black body. Solid ceramic construction. Excellent liquid-holding capabilities.

Take it one cup at a time..

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26 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Accordingly depressing."
    Krzysztof - 16th of January, 2017
  • "Makes the people at work think before asking me for anything. And I'm not allowed to make the tea now."
    Steve - 28th of September, 2016
  • "I love this mug. It makes me smile when I make a nice cuppa in the office."
    Joanna - 14th of September, 2016
  • "Top quality mug, excellent finish, etc. Well packaged and presented."
    Nick - 8th of September, 2016
  • "I do miss drugs."
    Ellis - 27th of May, 2016