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I-Fire 128MB MP3 Player
  • I-Fire 128MB MP3 Player

I-Fire 128MB MP3 Player

Funky little music machine and more!

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    "Music makes the people come together." So sang Madonna in her ravetastic hit, er, Music. And how right she was because we all love listening to a good old toe-tapper. But these days there are almost as many playing devices as there are types of music, especially in the ever-expanding MP3 market. For this reason, we select the MP3 players that we sell with great care. After all, we'd hate to hear of a Firebox fan listening to his/her favourite choons on a substandard machine. But quite frankly there's about as much chance of that happening as there is of Peter Andre joining Led Zeppelin for a support slot with Steps. Especially when it comes to the superb I-Fire.

    This nifty multifunctional MP3 player sounds as good as it looks, and boasts a hefty bundle of ingenious features - incredible when you consider its diminutive dimensions. As well as supporting MP3 and WMA file formats, the I-Fire also contains an FM radio with 20 presets. And is if that weren't enough it's a handy voice recorder too. So now you can listen to your own tunes, surf the radio waves and record memos with one funky palm-sized device.

    Customisable and upgradeable!

    Clearly the clever designers of the I-Fire recognise that music lovers are fickle followers of fashion. For this reason, five interchangeable faceplates are included – one for each day of the working week. Rival players might hold more music but we've yet to see one that looks this chic for under £70. But it's not all about looks: the I-Fire sounds absolutely amazing too – a vital asset to any music producing pipsqueak (Lord Hightrousers of Cowell take note).

    Upgrade memory with SD Cards

    There really is no end to the I-Fire's talent, as it also features a backlit display, 5-preset digital EQ/DSP, mass storage capability – the list goes on and on.

    There's even an SD memory card slot to allow you to expand the memory on your I-Fire if the hunky 128MB of onboard memory isn't enough for you. Although bear in mind that 128MB should be good for around 2 hours of high quality MP3/WMA files - or up to 4 hours of lower quality tunes.

    If you're looking to get into the awesomely entertaining world of portable digital music without spending a fortune, look no further than the I-Fire. It's music to the ears - and much, much more!

    Memory upgrade

    We sell SD Cards with which you can upgrade the memory on your I-Fire. Or, if you buy an I-Fire and SD Card bundle you can save £10 on the usual cost.

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