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I Draw Manga
I Draw Manga
I Draw Manga
I Draw Manga
I Draw Manga
I Draw Manga
I Draw Manga
I Draw Manga

I Draw Manga

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The ultimate tool for aspiring Manga artists and Anime devotees
Part sketchbook, part textbook, part reference guide
Hone your drawing skills and learn specific Manga nuances
Over 100 pages of tutorials and templates to practise with
Backed by over 1000 Manga enthusiasts on Kickstarter
Co-created by award-winning mangaka Sara E. Mayhew
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Is it a sketchbook? A textbook? A reference guide? I Draw Manga combines all three into one beautifully-bound super tool to spark your creativity and teach the art of Manga style.

This Kickstarter-backed book is brimming with in-depth lessons and guides including:
  • Character Design – Broken up in sub-sections focusing on character traits such as Eyes, Head & Face and Hairstyles
  • Proportions – Covers the size and shape of the body for multiple genders and ages
  • Background Effects – Learn how to add dynamic energy and drama to your panels
  • Creating a Character Sheet – An introduction to describing your character's size, shape, attitude and personality
  • Manga Industry Background – Includes valuable reference information such as publishers, schools and recommended tools and materials
There's over 100 pages of templates to get you started, keep you motivated and help you appreciate specific Manga nuances – there are over 40 pages of templates for eyes alone! So if you're looking to enhance your drawing skills and become a bona-fide mangaka, look no further than this unique and highly-effective instruction tool.


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Product Features:
  • Part sketchbook, part textbook, part reference guide
  • Learn to appreciate and draw all the specific Manga nuances
  • Covers character traits, proportions, background effects and more
  • Over 100 sketching templates
  • Contains a wealth of helpful external resources as well as Manga industry contacts
  • Non-photo blue ink guidelines that disappear when you scan your images (in grey scale)
  • Smart and durable cover
  • Measures approximately 21.5cm(W) x 15cm(H) x 2.5cm(D)