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I Could Pee on This
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I Could Pee on This

Purrrfect poetry

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Sh*t Hot right now


    There are basically two types of people in this world; those who love cats, and those who don’t. But no matter how you feel about our feline friends, there’s no denying they’re so hot right now.

    So it comes as no surprise that internationally syndicated author Francesco Marciuliano has released I Could Pee on This; the first book of poetry and insight direct from the philosophical pussies themselves.

    Turns out, when they’re not licking themselves, chasing a piece of string and staring at you like you’re beneath them, they can be quite the witty kitties. Featuring classics like “Who is That on Your Lap” and “Kneel Before Me”, each ode is accompanied by a picture of the author.

    Purrrfect poetry.

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    12 Reviews

    Average 5/5 stars
    • "Hilarious poems! A perfect addition to my toilet library."
      Ollie - 17th of June, 2016
    • "A great chuckle. Every cat lover should have one."
      Andy - 27th of January, 2016
    • "Fantastic book. Hilarious."
      Marc - 31st of December, 2015
    • "Brilliant, the cat and I howled as I read it."
      Sarah - 30th of December, 2015
    • "Lovely book."
      Julie - 15th of December, 2015