I Am T-Pain Microphone
  • I Am T-Pain Microphone

I Am T-Pain Microphone

Open up and say ‘bzshfwsttt’

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    Paul singing

    Now you can "sing like a pro!"

    Once upon a time singers had to rely on talent alone to sing in tune. But not any more, because thanks to Auto-Tune any bozo can be electronically corrected to sound pitch perfect. If you don’t believe us just ask T-Pain, the superstar American rapper who uses Auto-tune to distort his voice to the max. Actually, don’t bother because now you can do it yourself with the I Am T-Pain Microphone.

    This amazing mic lets all you singers incapable of holding a note in a bucket mimic T-Pain’s trademark robotic warble in seconds. Just sing into the mic and it plays back your vocals drenched in that signature T-Pain effect via its built-in speaker. Incredible.

    If any of you are unfamiliar with the T-Pain effect (where have you been?) just listen to melted-welly-faced crooner Cher’s electronic comb and paper routine on ‘Believe’, or ask your dad to do an impression of an original Cylon. Got the idea? Good.

    T-Pain button auto-tune button Computer connectivity

    Get the T-Pain beat button

    Auto-tune your voice!

    Download to your computer


    Built-in speaker

    Battery-operated, the I Am T-Pain Microphone is preloaded with 3 original beats for you to freestyle over (all together now, ‘My old man’s a dustman…’). You can also hook it up to your MP3 player and sing along to your favourite tracks. ‘Yeah, Joe McElderry with the T-Pain effect!’ Jokes aside it really is impressive.

    Thanks to its USB-ability and idiot-proof software this groundbreaking device even lets you record, save and share your T-Pain-d vocals. Upload ‘em to YouTube and who knows where it might lead? Because trust us, the voice modification technology inside this slammin’ mic is guaranteed to make even the crummiest singer sound like a pro, albeit a pro with a robot wasp in their larynx. So what are you waiting for? Don’t just sing and hope for the best, sing and treat the world to the T-Pain effect.

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