• Hyperdog


We're talkin' the dog's balls

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    We have to admit we were rather shocked when our product scouts started raving about a device that could fire a dog's balls into the distance. Thankfully we didn't have to alert the RSPCA, because following a brief demonstration we realised that the ingenious Hyperdog is, in fact, a high-powered catapult that takes the effort out of playing fetch with your four-legged friend.

    And let's be honest, unless you've got one of those comedy ratdogs that gets carried around in a handbag, exercising your pooch can be seriously hard work, especially if Fido loves playing fetch. Chucking sticks, balls and rubbery toys all day can play havoc with your joints, but we guarantee the only thing the Hyperdog will wear out is your dog.

    The sturdy but lightweight Hyperdog has been specifically created to fire tennis balls. Indeed, unless you're a pro baseball player, even a pathetic tug on Hyperdog's ultra-strong sling will shoot the ball further than you can chuck it. Pull the elastic all the way back and the ball (rapidly followed by your dog) will disappear into the distance (up to 150ft). You'll never again suffer from ball-throwing inferiority pangs, and your dog will be thoroughly exercised.

    Hyperdog even boasts a patented hands-free pick-up system, so you won't have to handle any spittle-slopped balls. Just grab a dry ball out of the nifty 2-ball magazine and pick up the soggy one.

    Fellow dog walkers are sure to be astounded by this high-powered gizmo and your dog will never again snicker at your rubbish throwing technique. In fact, poochie will probably be too pooped to do anything other than behave perfectly for the rest of the day. So what are you waiting for? Fetch!

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