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HyperDrive iFlashDrive

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    Anyone who’s ever tried to transfer data from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will tell you it’s fraught with danger. Click the wrong thing, at the wrong time, and you could end up wiping the whole internet. Or something like that. Which is why we like to transfer our data with the brilliantly simple HyperDrive iFlashDrive.

    Holding the HyperDrive iFlashDrive

    USB and 30pin iPhone/iPad connection

    iPad connected to the HyperDrive iFlashDrive

    Connect your iPad...

    iPhone connected to the HyperDrive iFlashDrive

    ... or iPhone to your computer



    What makes it so special? Well firstly, it’s a USB flash drive. Just like all of the ones you have knocking about in drawers at home, it’s incredibly handy for swapping files from your home PC to your laptop; or from your laptop to your work computer; or from any computer to any other computer, in fact.

    But it’s the curious Apple-esque 30-pin connector that’ll really raise eyebrows. Because this nifty gadget will also plug into your iPod, iPad, or iPhone for transferring data in just the same way. Simply connect it to your Apple gadget, fire up the free iFlashDrive app on your device and drag and drop files. It’s perfect for moving important documents, archiving your pictures, saving your videos, backing up your contacts list or simply keeping your precious gadget free of memory-clogging files. And best of all, you don’t need a (possibly unsecure) internet connection to do it.

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