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Hyper Flying Duck
  • Hyper Flying Duck

Hyper Flying Duck

I wish I could fly...

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    close up of thumb hook

    Thumb hook for easy launching

    Why give yourself tennis elbow (or thrower’s shoulder) from hours of playing fetch in the park? Especially when you can launch the Hyper Flying Duck up to 100ft with the power of your own thumb.

    To launch the Hyperduck simply hook your thumb under the beak and pull back the tail rope with your other hand. When this stretchy toy is at its full extent, just aim... and release!

    This tough suede and woven material toy has been designed to clean and strengthen your dog’s teeth as you play – not that he’ll care as he bounds across the park to fetch it. What’s more, the soft material is gentle on the gums; making it suitable for dogs of all ages. So throw away that old tennis ball and ditch the fragile stick. With the Hyper Flying Duck you’ll be able to tire out your pet without taking a step!
    preparing to fire the duck

    Ducks away!

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