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Hyper Fling
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Hyper Fling

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    Hyper Fling not extended

    Retract to easily fit in your pocket

    Tired of lobbing a ball for your giddy pooch in the park? Or is the shoulder strain just getting too much? What you need is a bionic arm! Sadly, that’s still quite a long way off. But in the meantime, why not boost the power of your throw with the Hyper Fling?

    Simply load a tennis ball into the end of this extendable stick and fling it! With a bit of practice you’ll be lobbing them up to 300 feet. And forget having to touch the slobbery thing once Fido has brought it back. You can easily load the ball back into the Hyper Fling without ever having to touch it. Once your hyperactive pet starts to show signs of slowing down, simply retract the telescopic shaft and the Hyper Fling will easily fit in a jacket pocket or bag.

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