Hyper Ball Launcher
  • Hyper Ball Launcher

Hyper Ball Launcher

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    A great training and exercise tool!

    Never mind putting your back out throwing tennis balls for your playful pooch. Arm yourself with the Hyper Ball Launcher and you’ll be able to fire off two balls in quick succession a staggering 220 feet!

    Looking like an oversized slingshot (because that’s what it is) this brilliant bit of kit conveniently stores your ammo while you’re walking. As soon as you find some open space (or your throwing arm gives out), simply fold out the wrist support, grasp a tennis ball in the tough material sling, pull it back as far as you can, aim... and fire! Your dog will spend hours tearing back and forth while you will barely have to lift a finger to send another ball arcing through the air.


    Approximately 39cm long from the wrist support to the tip of the catapult

    Ball getting a bit slobbery? Not to worry. The Hyper Ball Launcher has been designed so that you don’t need to touch them with your bare hands. Just push the ball chamber onto the tennis ball while it’s on the ground and the ball will slot into place. When you’re ready to fire it, grasping the ball with the tough material sling will keep any wet nastiness away from your hands. Although unfortunately, big grateful licks from your happy hound are unavoidable.

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