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Hurricane Jet Power

    Hurricane Jet Power

    Fan-tastically fast powerboat

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      "Now is the time that'll suit you just fine for messing about on the water." This charming little ditty used to be associated with sluggish pleasure boats and dreary barge-based holidays. Used to be. Because we've decided to purloin it and replace the words "messing about on" with "screaming across like a banshee". Why? Simply because the Hurricane Jet Power is not a boat to be messed with. In fact, aside from those admittedly fast petrol-powered 'project' boats (you know, the ones that old-school RC anoraks spend hours tinkering with and minutes playing with), the Hurricane is the fastest thing to hit the pond in years.

      Hurricane Jet Power: on the water

      This insanely fast rechargeable RC boat is so hi-tech it doesn't even use propellers to, er, propel it. A powerful ducted fan jet system blasts the Hurricane across the water at speeds of up to 20km/h, whilst its bullet-like aerodynamics ensure it hacks through the H20 like a hot knife through butter. With a range of 300ft you will surely be master of your local pond.

      Hurricane Jet Power: fan

      Add to this differential thrust steering and you're looking at the most ridiculously rapid, ready-to-run RC boat ever to hit the waves (well, ripples). And let's be honest, making waves down at the local waterway isn't as easy as it used to be, as there are countless RC boats about. Thankfully, none of them are jet boats and none of them move like the Hurricane.

      Hurricane Jet Power: prow

      This high-speed pondmaster is controlled via a chic little handheld transmitter that's so simple to get to grips with you'll be master and commander of the duckpond in no time. The Hurricane is powered by a compact 7.2v NiMH rechargeable battery that gives 10 mins of jet-powered fun from a 30 minute charge - more than enough time to scare the living daylights out of every other vessel on the pond. This propeller-less water rocket really is the easiest way to enjoy the thrill of high-speed boating without investing in the real thing or befriending a billionaire. Anchors wahay!

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