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Hungry Hippos

    Hungry Hippos

    Marble munching mayhem

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      Whilst conducting our exhaustive research for this product, we discovered that Hippopotami (yes, smarty-pants; that's an accepted plural form of hippopotamuses) are gregarious mammals who consume as much as 50kg of vegetation a day. We also discovered that George from Rainbow is supposed to be a hippo and that the dancing hippo in Disney's Fantasia was called Hyacinth.

      Hungry Hippos Most interestingly of all, we discovered that Hungry Hippos, the classic marble munching game, is viewed by many so-called experts as 'a board game for young children.' We beg to differ, as those stuffy old encyclopedia writers obviously haven't played this fast and furious game after a few jars down the local. If they had, they'd know that despite its obvious appeal to kiddies, Hungry Hippos is even more entertaining if you're an overly refreshed adult. After all, how often do you get to hammer a hippo in order to make it munch as many marbles as possible? Exactly.

      We know we really don't need to describe the gameplay of Hungry Hippos, but for those of you who've spent the past thirty years in an isolationist commune bereft of iconic games, we will anyway.

      Hungry Hippos Henry, Harry, Homer and Happy Hippo are hungry. For this reason players must frantically pound on their hippo's tail in order to grab as many marbles as possible. Play ends when all the marbles have been 'eaten' by the hippos. The player who has captured the most marbles wins. Players can release one marble at a time or, for real marble munching mayhem, let rip with the whole lot.

      Hungry Hippos You're right - it's not exactly rocket science, but it is oodles of noisy, riotous fun. How else do you think it became a best-selling classic? Hungry Hippos is perfect for parties and we guarantee you'll be giggling like a loon the minute you start playing. In fact, we really can't overstate what a raucous laugh Hungry Hippos is. If you missed out the first time round, now's your chance to discover just how entertaining bashing the bejeesus out of a hungry hippo can be. Get gulping!

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